13 simple hacks for more energy

Energy is your main resource

Yes, time is scarce. And yes, time can never regain. But you have nothing on your time when you have no energy to make the most of .

The more energy you have, the more you can get out of your life. Therefore it is important that you work with a lot of energy. So you can do your best every day to fully enjoy what life has to offer.

Are you looking for more energy? Here are 13 simple hacks to get you started.

13 simple hacks for more energy

With more energy is your life more enjoyable. You can do more, enjoy more and an effervescence of everything. These hacks you increase your energy level step by step.

  1. Go to bed earlier . If that fails, go back out of bed. But try really to bed earlier to go. Most people feel fitter when they get up earlier.
  2. Live with the light along . Your body turns naturally into sleep mode when it gets dark, and coming into power mode when the light is. Turn on the evening not too much light in, and search morning at daylight.
  3. Word fresher awake . Leave your curtains slightly open to let in the light. Winter use a lamp to wake up. Put the lamp on your nightstand and turn him going as soon as your alarm clock (timer or an automatic alarm lamp can also). Your subconscious thinks the sun shines and makes you so ready for the day.
  4. Start your day with slight movement . Do not immediately all energy. Take a morning, walk to the station, park your car further away, do some stretching exercises.
  5. Use stress alarm . Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed out during the day? Stay there or not suspended, but come here to relax. Stress takes unwise lot of energy, even if you only have a little bit of stress.
  6. Stop multitasking . Four tasks do together seems effective, but in reality you put yourself out. It takes your brain a lot of extra energy to keep your attention. Use that energy smarter by doing one thing at a time .
  7. Stop yourself . It seems super productive at a stretch working. In reality yourself as soon fire up. Instead, take time to recover. Sometimes a break is enough to hold your energy.
  8. Keep your body in the eye after a eetmoment . So you will soon find out which foods you give energy , and what your energy costs .
  9. Hint: start with sugar . Sugar throws you on a roller coaster of sugar highs and sugar dipping. Try to make the roller coaster is not slow by eating just the right moments sugar. Just get off the roller coaster and stop sugar , which works much better.
  10. Avoid vampires . No, not by walking around with a bunch of garlic (although it does keep people away, especially if you eat the forest). Some cost you a lot of energy. They only talk about themselves, you give a bad feeling and suck you completely empty. Dispense the time you spend with these people.
  11. No more worrying . If you worry is if the processor of your computer constantly running at 100%: it takes unwise energy and the computer hangs. Worrying is not healthy and it pulls you empty battery. Work on yourself so you less worries .
  12. Develop a positive outlook . If you see life as a struggle, as dull misery, you’ll feel less energetic. Focus rather on all the fine things in life. Make a list of things for which you are grateful and things which you rejoice. Also, stop consuming people’s problems, and less watching negative programs, news and documentaries. You’re not constantly surrounded by all the misery in the world, no wonder you have so much energy!
  13. Put a pepper up your ass . Put yourself on a mission . By your life goal to give you drill at new sources of energy. Suddenly you want to work more, to go longer, to work harder. And it seems you have no energy cost at all! You feel happy, productive and fulfilled.

Finished hacking? Great, I’ve got much more tips ready to help you.

How much energy do you want?

These and much more other tips you can find in my practical online course Plop! – bursting with energy . A practical roadmap that helps to restore balance in your life, to develop more energy and jump out every day with pleasure your bed.

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