Easy weight loss without diet – these are my 7 tips

1. I quit meat

I completely stopped eating meat since my trip to India in early 2016. And this step has made it super easy to fall off.

Meat contains a relatively large amount of calories.

  • An organic burger AH contains 225 kcal . Including 16 grams of fat and 7 grams of saturated fat.
  • A vegetarian burger Vegetarian Butcher contains 133 kcal . Of which is 6.3 grams of fat, and 1.3 grams of saturated fat.

Even if two people eat more exact same meal, veggie burger saves nearly 92 kcal. And these little bits tapping on (or off in this case).

And a veggie burger is actually less healthy choice . That is, if you can persist in meat substitutes and cheese you save even more calories.

The less meat you eat, the easier it is to lose weight without dieting. Simply because many calories you do not get inside.

2. I care for low-calorie ‘filling’

Exactly. I love to feel full, and I’m sad small sized portions. Instead I put my meals full of vegetables . Low-calorie, full of nutrients and delicious nutritious.

In a curry meal with brown rice, seitan and curry paste disappear for example, a whole zucchini, two onions, a few cloves of garlic, a cup of peas and a half pack mushrooms.

This makes for a rich meal that I can eat as much as I want, while I can still lose weight. And the advantage is, the next day I can still bring lunch!

I make sure that I can just sit full, without stopping myself full of unnecessary calories . If I have two roots snack I feel more satisfied than after three cookies. The roots contain about 15 to 20 calories. Three cookies quickly 180 calories.

Not that I never eat more cookies. But it puts a human thinking. 😉

3. I eat whole plant foods as much as possible

The more processed your diet is, the harder it is to lose weight. So I eat as many whole plant foods.

As much as possible:

  • Vegetables and leafy vegetables
  • Fruit
  • legume
  • whole grains
  • Nuts and seeds

I do my best to stay away from highly processed foods, although to me it does not always work. But the better it works, the easier I waste.

4. I hardly drink calories

I drink water, cold-brew iced tea , sparkling water and tea and coffee without milk and sugar (except soy cappuccino in town).

The only calories that I regularly drink his beer and wine. And as you know I’m as aware as possible with that order. But just like the biscuits, which does not always work.

Anyway. The less alcohol I drink, the easier I waste. Since I do not drink calories for the rest.

The point is: soft drink gives you not feel full. But it contains as many calories as 300 grams of carrots. Try that back the throwing in two minutes.

5. I do not deny myself anything

No. Because if I’m too hard on myself, I’m just unhealthy food.

To lose weight you should get fewer calories in than you burn. So if I take it to:

  • I make sure I eat only healthy so I have less appetite for unhealthy food.
  • I care for healthy fillers if I’m going to eat unhealthy. In turn I drink cherry tomatoes, carrots and hummus. Super nice and limited “damage”.
  • Certain unhealthy foods I get just almost never at home. Such as chocolate bars. For those calories I work rather than a pile of cake inside.
  • I move more when I know I’ve eaten too much. Half an hour running does wonders.
  • I eat the next day less foods to bring things in balance.
  • I’m trying to upgrade ‘guilty pleasures’. As vegetarian salon . Slightly less tasty than the original, a lot healthier.
  • I have simply chosen a new favorite food. No longer just selected on taste but also on how it makes me feel afterwards.

I allow myself where I did pull in. And gradually I try to the negative impact minimize and maximize good impact.

6. I move where I can

I integrate movement as much as possible in my daily life. In between I do some strength training (even printing for example). I regularly do yoga. I walk a lot (with or without a dog).

I cycle every week from Delft to Rotterdam. And I practice running, usually about 6-8 km at a time.

  • Sometimes when I watch a presentation on YouTube, then I put my laptop on the shelf and I’m just walking in place.
  • Sometimes I do yoga while I watch a program, such as during The Great British Bake Off .
  • If I’m going to drink wine with a friend in the city, we then often walk for another hour through the city. Because it’s fun, and because it is tasty.
  • During my work I take small breaks to avoid RSI. I stretch and I do some push-ups or yoga poses.
  • If the weather is nice then cycling Billy and I as much as possible. For example, to family, friends and places where we should be.
  • If I go by public transport then I try to walk a lot. I skip the escalator and ski tram (if it is less than 20 minutes walk) and just go walking.

The more I get, the more I can eat and still lose weight. And it feels just fine.

7. I look at the long term

I’m not concerned with losing weight fast. I’m busy raising my health. Part of this is to eat less junk. And the less junk I eat, the more I become slimmer. Logical.

I’m working on the long term, not how I see this summer at the beach. This ensures that I do not blindly stare at strange diets that promise quick results. I care just as much as possible for my body, and the result is that I gradually waste.

That gives peace. And it gives the desired result. No yo-yo effect, no relapse and revivals. No drastic changes in my diet. But small steps, small improvements and small results.

And all these little bits make a good whole. Where I fitter, slimmer, more energetic and feel happier.

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