Healthy and quickly lose a few kilos – 5 Tips

1. Focus on adding healthy foods

Exactly. The more you deal with what you do not want to eat , the more you want to eat these things .

If you can eat no cake yourself, you think all day cake. And that makes it not exactly easy to make the cakes in the store are.

So keep doing all these wonderful things that want to eat you. Focus on adding healthy foods, then press the unhealthy foods from your diet naturally. Because if your stomach is filled with healthy and nutritious food, then you have less appetite for unhealthy snacks .

Simple and super effective.

2. Find alternatives for ‘weak’ moments

We all have moments when we repeatedly draw get sweets or salty snacks. Me too. The trick is not to torture yourself. The trick is to find a satisfactory healthy alternative .

You do not have anything to eat. You can just look for healthy substitutes for the ‘weak’ moments.

For example, I always have a supply of frozen vegetables in the freezer. And if I’m pulling for sweets, I grab a bowl of blueberries. Pretty good, even if they are still frozen.

And a lot healthier than M & M’s, let’s say.

3. Focus mainly on strength

By building muscle you make it easier on yourself to burn fat . Not only that – you will also be stronger and tighter.

And the good thing is: you have no need for hours. A few minutes a day doing miracles. Put your muscles a lot in a few minutes, and it’s done.

You can use special apps or follow a program. Stop definitely not your cardio trainig – it’s very healthy. But expect no weight loss miracles.

Miracles’re not in the weight loss world. But you already knew that.

Oh – and I also hate. I know how you feel. But trust me: you make rapid progress. And the more you do it, the easier it becomes. And the more fun it is .

Just start small. As with anything really. 🙂

4. Do not drink calories

Do not go out with your juicer, unless you stop in broccoli. Fruit you can eat better as a whole, not just drinking the juice . Then prefer green smoothies , because you use the whole fruit.

Stop sugar in coffee and tea . It takes some getting used to. But once you get used to it you do not know what ever possessed you, it is so dirty.

Stop soft drinks, including light-stuff. Stop juices suit. Even the packaging is crying so hard that it is so healthy. It is mostly liquid sugar.

And yes – drink less alcohol if you want to lose a few kilos. Logical.

What do you have to drink? Green tea, black (filter) coffee, water and natural cold-brew iced tea . And you can just throw in some fruit (sparkling) water.

It might be a little less tasty. But it went. And your flat stomach is ultimately better than venti caramel macchiato . Really.

5. Eat mostly raw vegetable diet

Yes. Let the packets, powders and sachets omitted. not go wild with the meat substitutes filled with oil and additives. Use less oil (oil does not grow on a tree) and prepare more of your own food.

Base your diet on fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Add as little mess as possible to it, and remove as much as possible nutrients from .

And very important: make sure you eat well . As long as you eat delicious miss anything. And as long as you do not miss anything, you fall back even in a less healthy diet.

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