Healthy eating – four practical basics for healthy eating

1. Healthy Eating – choose products close to nature

Most of the products we find in the supermarket are processed by the food industry. Now that kind of food no problem for ‘occasional’, but if you only processed products ingest is not healthy. Want to eat healthy ? Opt for products subject to nature as closely as possible .

No, you really do not stop by the local farm to eat healthy. In the supermarket you can also choose between processed and unprocessed products or healthier for example fresh and canned vegetables.

So you can better choose high-fiber wholemeal bread than processed white bread. For example, brown rice is also healthier than white rice.

Use fresh produce and check the ingredients. An easy rule of thumb is: the more ingredients, the less healthy it is for you . Nutrition where many artificial stabilizers or preservatives in appearance are not exactly natural.

If you want you can choose organic vegetables (from animal products is recommended anyway to go for organic). But the first step is choosing more vegetables . By opting for more natural food you can easily eat healthy.

2. Healthy eating means choosing variation

When you eat varied, you get (almost) automatically all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients in that you need to stay healthy. Although it seems difficult varied food does not have to be difficult.

Each fruit and vegetable has its unique healthy nutrients . By making sure that you eat many different types of plants, you make sure you get within a broad range of nutrients. Choose also regularly oily fish, white meat, tofu, legumes, nuts.

Use herbs and spices. Substitution agree with vegetable drinks such as soy, almond and rice milk, and drink green tea and herbal tea.

Taste and be surprised by all the flavors of nature. Eating healthy is delicious and fun if you choose more variety!

3. Purify your body

Your body is the most valuable asset you’ll ever have. So you need good care. As you daily ensures a clean kitchen, you should also pay attention to your body every day by eating healthy.

It is important that your body on a daily basis cleanses from the inside. How do you purify your body? simple:

  1. Regularly drink pure water. You can still drink from a glass or put a 1.5 liter bottle on your desk. Water ensures proper disposal of waste. Waste is such through sweat and urine. How do you know if you drink enough? Keep the color of your urine eye. The more you drink, the more transparent it becomes and the better the waste is discharged. Make sure you first morning urine after you pee is clear.
  2. Eat more healthy dietary fiber. Fibers stimulate the intestines and promote healthy bowel movements. If you can work more efficiently gut your body remains pure. Fiber can be found in things like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, brown rice and oatmeal.
  3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables! In fruits and vegetables are important vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants that keep your body clean and pure and therefore form the basis of healthy eating. Also make this variation. Each fruit and vegetable species contain still other good materials, so keep it not only for those yummy sweet bananas! Eat fruit as much as possible with zest. The peel because it contains most of the fiber and nutrients . Vegetable retains its healthy properties is best if you do not cook too long or bake. Tasty as stir frying ensures crisp, healthy vegetable!

For more tips detox our article detox your body – 7 Tips .

4. Healthy eating is listen to your body

Your body is a clever organism itself. Observe your body, keep an eye on it and cherish it. Your body gives you signals constantly to show you whether you are good or less good job .

Respect your body. This is done for example by not overeating. Eat quietly and taste the food, only your body through your stomach filled after about 30 minutes. If you take your time to eat you are satisfied sooner and give your body the signal volume down. Read more about intuitive eating .

More tips to eat healthy

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