Less junk food – surprising tip mouth-watering

Phew – I can not stay away from there!

The sweets at the gas pump. The pieces of cake at the office. The crunchy filled cakes of the baker. The draw for sweets after dinner. The craving for chips in the evening.

Is difficult. You want it so badly let stand, but you can not resist . How do you solve this?

You can use your willpower. Push yourself to not buy, it politely declining, not to eat.

But you will only stretch so far. After a long, tiring day stretch is a little off. And you go get groceries. And walk your feet towards the section where you would prefer to stay away. And move your hand toward the shelf where there are no health.

And slides your card through the POS. And you are the proud owner of a pack of saturated fat, sugar and calories . And that same night is on.

And the next day it starts all over again.

Turn it around

Yourself remember something heavy. It is a fight that you seem to win first and then always loses . Maybe you win it one day, one week or even one month. But power is running out – there do nothing.

If you change thrives on power, you will not change in the long term. And if something is not working, you stop it. Yet? Exactly.

What if we live healthy approach completely different? If we deny ourselves nothing, but rather something give ?

Aim to add, not delete on

Exactly. Do no longer pressure to unhealthy food. Do pressure to healthy food . Do not concern yourself with deleting, you keep working on adding .

Make it your goal to eat healthy foods as much as possible in one day. Eat as much goodness you pushes you craving.

You will not directly compete with your sweet or savory pull. You keep not even concerned with not eating the crunchy almond cake . You keep busy indeed eating delicious healthy alternatives.

And gradually press the mess unnoticed out of your life. Vol is full, it is plain and simple.

How do you express the crap out of your diet?

By adding more fantastic-ness.

  • Because you eat in between a piece of fruit, you get less appetite for sweets. If you do get hungry, you just even grab a piece of fruit.
  • Because you eat a whole wheat cracker with hummus, you do not even think of chips.
  • Your meal with chickpeas was so nutritious and filling it filled cake did not even occur to you.
  • You so enjoy your homemade cold-brew iced tea to soda be the last thing on your mind.
  • Since you’ve switched to brown rice, you do not even hungry for food after eating.
  • Because you so happy and inspired touches all vegan recipes you try, you do not even think about the meat you do not eat.
  • Since you make a snap your own delicious oven fries of sweet potato, it does not occur to you to go to the snack bar.
  • Because you better prepared to go home – with some fruit or vegetable snacks in your bag – it is not in you to get expensive and unhealthy snacks at the station.
  • Etc.

Through more vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds to add to your diet, hit the crap out by itself.

Not because you’re being so hard you best. But because there is simply more to no space . You feel satisfied, happy, healthy and full.

And you have found alternatives that make you feel good. They may not be as good as the original. But afterwards you feel light, fresh and fit. Not bloated, nauseous and stuffy.

You want to end up one thing

Healthy eating is easy, if you make it nice for yourself. Do not let it turn to yourself remember everything that you like . Find other things that you find very tasty and healthy at the same time .

Because that is all you are looking for: food that is tasty . If you’re eating healthy is good, then there is nothing to worry about. You’ll miss nothing and keep it easily filled.

This requires a period of trying, experimenting and figuring. But you can. As long as you eat but delicious.

I was always fond of chicken satay . But as I see the chicken is simply an excuse to enjoy peanut sauce. Something to chew on. It is not about the taste of the chicken, but the peanut sauce. So I make the occasional plain tofu satay, chicken satay or tempeh-nepkip-chicken satay.

Also I am very fan of Lebanese cuisine. Because it is so incredibly delicious, so delicious and easy as well. And since I have this vegetarian Lebanese cookbookwas present, we have no reason not to look forward to our dinner.

Food must be tasty. And healthy eating can make incredibly tasty. So much so that you rejoice it. So much so that you those unhealthy junk is simply to consider what it is: unhealthy mess.

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