No apple pie need – losing weight by developing yourself

Danish wisdom in the jungle

In India wisdom naturally to me from all sides. As the afternoon we were lost in the jungles of South Goa.

We just had a lovely lunch at a vegan cafe, and we chose from a ‘shorter’ route to walk back to the beach. That was a whole state, and we are finally ‘rescued’ by a friendly Indian with a scooter. But before we got a wonderful Danish lady against.

They appeared to be in a secluded yoga retreat, and she was heading to the same cafe to check her e-mail. I joked with her that there was such delicious vegan chocolate cake on the menu but I had not ordered it. They “might” naturally eat sugar during her retreat, and told them that they will lose weight for years since she started yoga.

I explained that I the cake not have been – but I wanted to buy him happy. She asked why I wanted to eat that cake. After that I came to the conclusion that I wanted to order the cake because I found myself sad .

I found myself sad because I had to answer as many e-mail and had to write articles, and because the WiFi was poor and I had writer’s block. She explained that we use food to numb pain – something I already knew, but somehow it sounded so wise in her mouth. There something clicked in me.

Because if we use unhealthy food to numb psychological pain, then it also means that you will automatically eat healthier if the pain is gone.

In other words, the better you get psychological about yourself, the easier it is to let go of excess (fat) luggage .

First, your confidence, your body

It’s funny that we often want to lose weight to feel better about ourselves. If we are leaner we feel attractive, thus increasing our confidence .

But if you’re like I used food to deal with psychological pain, it is a difficult story. Personally, I find that more self-love leads to a healthier diet , rather than vice versa.

And yet that is the way most people choose. Because develop self love is complicated, and adjust your diet seems easy .

If you’re good about yourself is you have to suppress less pain . You’ll feel like you’re valuable, and do everything to take care of yourself. Because you know you deserve the best.

We numb our pain because we do not want to face a part of reality . And if you’re tempted to eat or drink away stress, it is extremely difficult to also lose weight.

Try therefore agree in the other order. First grow, then your diet will follow.

Growth over it

By developing yourself you become wiser, calmer and more confident. The things you said earlier stressed, anxious and sad you do not hit. You’re grown over it. Your whole life becomes more fun, effortless and airy.

  • You notice that your confidence could use a boost? Go there once then get to work . If you are confident of yourself makes life much less stressful.
  • You find yourself worrying a lot and think a lot? Practice then something mindfulness and meditation. Write your worrier from you and look at them objectively.
  • Start with daily writing in your journal to reflect on your day and the feelings you had that day. A diary is a great tool to get to know your fears and to step over.
  • Invest in your friendships and family ties . Learning any new friends. Strengthen the relationships in your life and develop your social skills to feel happier.
  • Start in small steps to solve the main sources of stress in your life . Ask yourself “what is a small step I can take today to reduce this source of stress?” – and put that little step.
  • Search possibly accompanied by a coach.

These things can help you more confident, less anxious and more calm to be in your life. And the new version of yourself is much less susceptible to the problems you are now addicted to the apple pie with whipped cream, that extra glass of wine and that third plate lasagna.

Release the ballast

By letting go of mental ballast, it is easy to let go of your physical ballast . Then you suddenly feel very strongly that those excess kilos not fit you, and it becomes easier to make better choices every day.

So next time if you want to walk to the night supermarket to stock up on a bar of chocolate, then stand still. And ask yourself: what pain I am trying to suppress? .

Probably it is more effective to just meditate , take a walk, write in your journal, follow a yoga lesson on YouTube or getting lost in your local jungle. I mention but a side road.

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