The three advantages of meal preppen

Amazed wrinkles in my forehead I get it. When I think back to how I used to feel I was boiling indignation.

I made a meal for one evening. And the next day I did it again. I kept busy! Every day again. Cooking, cooking, cooking.

Do not misunderstand me: cooking is fun. Even relaxing. But there are things more fun and relaxing. As not boil – even quite fine.

Luckily my forehead can now relax. I am no longer angry about my cooking inefficient behavior. I practice preppen meal.

Meal preppen changes your freezer in a super cheap, ridiculously healthy and convenient take-away restaurant .

Maybe it’s something for you. It has many advantages, these are the main three.

1. Meal preppen saves time

You put the machine for each garment that you throw in the wash? No – that’s madness. You save the laundry and washed all at once because it is much more efficient.

Batching you call it. The banking of common equivalent tasks, with the aim of making the process more efficient.

Meal preppen is like an inverted laundry basket for your food. You throw your fridge and freezer full at once, and eat them empty during the week .

That way, you have to cook possible once. You produce more food in less time which saves much time.

  • You view your kitchen more like a small food factory.
  • You think about how you as efficiently as possible as many tasty and healthy food can produce.
  • You are looking for recipes that lend themselves to quick cooking and easy to freeze and be warm.
  • You cut much boiling overhead from your life.

Whether you boil 100 grams of rice or a kilo. It’s just so much work and it produces 10 times as much food.

Be the days when you have to cook simple halve reduce to a very efficient day or go further and less than once a week cooking.

You can be as mad as you want – as long as there is room in your freezer course.

2. Meal preppen helps you eat healthier

Unhealthy comfort food usually comes in my house when I feel tired, stressed and lazy. Then I pull in good food and not feel like striving for it.

Meal preppen solves that problem. Indeed, there is always good food at home I do little or no effort to do. I warm my favorite meal and it’s done.

And it’s fine: this easy food is healthy too! For my freezer is full of my favorite healthy recipes.

Remember: you’re not looking for unhealthy food, you’re looking for good food . If you have healthy and tasty meals ready, then there is little reason to order pizza.

And that’s smart. Because you can produce meals that meet your specific dietary needs, and make it more likely that you keep eating healthy.

3. Meal preppen save money

Yes – because you can buy much more aware. Nice if you once buy a cauliflower on offer tonight. But even more fun when you have four discount prices on air cauliflower buy where you can enjoy for weeks.

That – and you’ll be less tempted to eat out, expensive ready-ready to buy or order meals meals. Because your refrigerator and freezer are stuffed, so why bother?

  • You save because you often eat at home and less out the door.
  • You save because you can buy bigger during deals.
  • You save because you use less gas and electricity during cooking.
  • You save because you delicious homemade lunch salads are better than the soggy sandwiches in the canteen.
  • You save because you less often in the supermarket, making it less exposed to temptations.
  • You save because you plant week better.

Meal preppen helps me to eat less often outside the door. Thereby saving can shoot up. Money I can spend on building a better future , such as the accelerated repayment of the mortgage .

Getting started with 9 simple meal prep tips

Do you want to reap the benefits of meal preppen? Like I said, you can make it as crazy as you want. But let us first have come on stream.

Below are nine meal prep tips to help you on your way .

  1. You need not be a meal prep pro to benefit from meal preppen. You can start small and gradually expand.
  2. Indeed – starting small is the best way. Because you can learn new cooking habits without overwhelming yourself completely.
  3. Choose a time in the week when you think about your meals. Choose recipes, make a shopping list and take it all.
  4. See if you can combine business smart. For example, by yarn things in a dish while you make soup on the stove.
  5. Talk to yourself that you are now cooking in double portions. So you for every meal you have an extra meal.
  6. If you want you can get a fixed day of the week to schedule all to prepare food for the week. This can also be overwhelming. You can also cut into two or three.
  7. Invest in square bowls that fit well in your freezer. Square, because you maximize space in the freezer and can stack well. Make sure they can contain just one or two servings.
  8. Pasta, rice, bulgur, noodles, quinoa and potatoes may not be the tastiest to freeze. You can cook it and refrigerate.
  9. Remember: 3 days in the refrigerator, 3 months in the freezer. Then you run the risk of spoiling your meals.
  10. Keep it simple. You can do your best to prepare all sorts of ingenious snacks, or just grab an apple.
  11. Not everything has to be prepared. Sometimes you can already save a lot of time your diet simply packaged in portions. As for fruit in your smoothie.
  12. You can prepare pasta sauces or curry paste in large quantities and freeze in small portions so you can quickly turn a meal together. Smoothies are also perfectly freeze.
  13. You can socialize with a friend (in) meal-preppen, and both take half. You can also exchange frozen meals with friends, family or neighbors ( frozen party! ) – giving you more variety in your freezer with less effort.

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